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My Jewish Journey: Lewis Wiener

Everyone is wearing white. Boys and girls, teens and adults, all in white, walking, singing, meeting at Crossroads. Camp Eisner, late 1970s. Song leaders leading the procession, leading us to Shabbat. My Jewish journey from religious school, Friday night services with my family, bar mitzvah, confirmation, youth group, NFTY, all led to Crossroads at Camp Eisner and has paved my Jewish path since.Read More  ➔

Faith In Action

Hurricane Harvey Update: Help Is Houston-Bound

The devastation Hurricane Harvey left in its wake is no match for the heart within Washington Hebrew Congregation. As floodwaters rose in Texas, destroying homes, hospitals, businesses, and schools in its path, plans to help came together at WHC. With appreciation and gratitude, we are pleased to share that this past Wednesday morning, a livestock trailer filled to the edges with everything but animals, left the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center for Houston, Texas.Read More  ➔

Faith In Action

An Open Letter to President Trump and Congressional Leaders

In response to growing concerns about President Trump’s consideration of discontinuing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Rabbi Lustig and several D.C. area faith leaders together wrote an open letter to the President and Congressional leaders on August 29. We are pleased to share their letter with you here.Read More  ➔


The President's Blog

In a few short weeks, the High Holy Days will be upon us. We will join together as a community once again to celebrate the New Year and to repent for personal shortcomings of the prior year. The Days of Awe are a time for optimism, hope, renewal, reflection, and introspection — both personal and as a community. By reflecting on the past and committing to improve, we set a personal and collective agenda for the coming year.Read More  ➔


My Jewish Journey: Shel West

Judaism is my anchor. The community provides me with family, so important with my blood relatives far away in the middle of the country. Knowing that there are folks who miss me when I’m gone — well that’s a great reassurance.Read More  ➔

Faith In Action

Hurricane Harvey: An Update from Rabbi Lustig

Dear Friends, As we prepare for the High Holy Days, we are called upon to reflect and act. And as we reflect, the world demands that we act. Each of us has been overwhelmed by the videos, photos, and stories of the destruction wrought by Hurricane Harvey.  And it is not over.Read More  ➔