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Looking Into an Overnight Camp? Why a Jewish Camp Makes Sense

There’s no denying it, summer camp is fun! It’s where many kids try new activities (wakeboarding, anyone?), eat different foods (s’mores!), and discover their passions and talents. It’s where they can make different friends, learn about themselves, and grow socially, emotionally, and physically.Read More  ➔


Pasortal Care: A Little-Known Benefit of Belonging to WHC

Pastoral care is a form of emotional and spiritual support that clergy provide to their congregants. Pastoral care is rooted in the traditions of the Jewish people and our sacred texts, and it uses resources such as prayer, study, and participation in the congregational community to help guide our congregants at moments of challenge and joy.Read More  ➔

Camp Keetov, Early Childhood, Religious School, Youth Groups

Snowy Day? Work on Summer Plans for the Kids!

Although the D.C. weather might make us believe otherwise, spring is less than 60 days away. This means that summer — with all of its sunshine, warmth, and dreams of lazy days — is right behind it.Read More  ➔

Adult Education, Worship

"She Becomes Tradition"

Each week, the Union for Reform Judaism publishes commentary on the weekly Torah portion on their website. Rabbi Eliana Fischel's "She Becomes Tradition," a  davar acher on Parashat T'rumah, will be published on this Shabbat. It draws on Naomi Shemer’s “Father’s Song” (Shiro shel Aba) and Exodus 25 as punctuation and inspiration to trace the evolution of a woman’s life from childhood to adulthood. We are delighted to share her words with you here.Read More  ➔


Annual Fund Reflections

Nearly a year ago, I joined WHC as the new Director of Development and was charged with overseeing our Yad B’Yad or Annual Fund. I was very excited to get to know the community and congregation — I knew the storied history of Washington Hebrew Congregation and had little doubt that when asked to support all of the wonderful things that WHC does on a daily basis through Yad B’Yad, that our members would rise to the occasion.Read More  ➔