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What Do You Need for a Seder?

Whether it's your first time, you are limited because of self-isolation, these lists can help.

We know that "Passover During the Coronavirus" means that you may not have or be able to get everything you will need, so we've also provided some suggestions for substitutions below each item in italics. If you don't even have substitutions, it's perfectly appropriate to be creative and work with what you've got!

(a copy for every person at your table)

Click here to see our Haggadah section!

Candlesticks and candles

Rolls from toilet paper or paper towels with tissue/colored construction paper inserted at the top 

Seder Plate 

A pretty plate with a printout of each item that goes on the traditional seder plate

Kiddush Cup

Wine glass

Cup for Elijah

Wine glass

Wine or grape juice

Any fruit juice, or water if you don’t have juice


Lettuce or celery


Water with chili powder (or something that will make you cry)


You can make some with flour and water or use a piece of cardboard as a stand in

Maror (horseradish or other bitter herb)

Again--any bitter food that makes you tear up

Charoset – either traditional Ashkenazic (apple, walnut, and wine/grape juice mixture) or Sephardic with oranges, dates, and almonds

There are so many recipes online – see what you can discover!


Egg substitute, a toy egg, or even a ball of tissue


Picture of a lamb

Hand washing

Hand sanitizer or a wet washcloth or towel for each person


“Haggadah” is a telling or narration in Hebrew.

Our Passover Haggadah is the book that narrates the Passover story, guiding us through the rituals of the seder. “Seder,” by the way, is the Hebrew word for “order,” and there is a very specific order to the Passover seder.

Passover During the Coronavirus:

You may already have a family haggadah with enough copies for everyone at your table. If you don’t, you can make (a free) one online and either download, email, and print copies to use at your seder or use their virtual option, which might work well if you are going to have a “zeder.”