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12 Jewish Questions

Do I need to believe in God to be Jewish? 
What happens after we die?
How do Where is God in times of tragedy? 
How do I rest when I have no time?
And more...

Despite years of religious school as children, many of us are unsure how to find meaning in our faith and culture as adults, and issues that may not have been relevant to us decades ago suddenly are filled with new meaning when viewed from an adult perspective.

12 Jewish Questions: A (Re)Introduction to Adult-Level Judaism is a learning community for adults – Jewish and non-Jewish – who have questions about Jewish identity, beliefs, culture, and customs. It's an environment to discover (and rediscover) the relevance of Judaism in our lives.

This 12-week course will be offered on Zoom from 8:00 - 9:00 pm on Monday evenings starting October 5.

It is free for WHC members; $36 for non-members

Please click here if you would like to register.


12 Jewish Questions is made possible by the generous support of Washington Hebrew Congregation and the Bernstein Family Foundation.

In the words of past participants:

"I'm not Jewish, so I didn't have many expectations coming into 12JQ. My fiance and I initially planned to only attend a handful of classes since life gets so busy. But I found the classes to be genuinely engaging, interesting and educational. We ended up coming to every class and 12JQ became something to look forward to each week. I'm grateful that we decided to attend because I feel like I'll have a much better understanding of Judaism when we attend holidays or get the kids into Hebrew school."

"I think the biggest thing this class did for my partner and I is share the sense that "we are not alone" as we look to discover our Judaism together. Many experiences from the classmates really opened our eyes too, and Rabbi Miller was the perfect person to keep us engaged and contributing. I can't imagine this class/program without him! More specifically, there were many highlights and moments that will stand out to me for a long time, particularly our discussion about death, our approach to racy topics like sex, and the careful way we looked at items in which many people could easily disagree. I just really loved the small sense of community we had built together with each week."