Rabbi Shankman to Take Summer Sabbatical 

Rabbi Susan Shankman headshot (2023)

As we know, the Sabbath is a day of rest — something God modeled (Genesis 2:1-4a) and commanded (Exodus 20:8-11). We also know that our clergy don’t always get to take that holy day for themselves as they are busy leading services, officiating weddings, or providing comfort to a family in need. That’s why the WHC Board of Directors recently proposed and unanimously agreed to implement a formal plan to allow clergy to take some time away from their daily tasks to sharpen and renew their health and strength. 

With that in mind, Rabbi Shankman will be taking a sabbatical this summer, from June 9 – September 9, to rest and recharge ahead of the High Holy Day season. The clergy team has spent the last few weeeks meeting and planning for the holidays and have many things in place already.

A general practice is for clergy to experience a sabbatical every seven years; this is the first time Washington Hebrew is putting this into practice. WHC’s sabbatical program will provide clergy members with dedicated time for spiritual renewal, reflection, and professional development in alignment with WHC’s mission to serve our congregation and community.  

By investing in the well-being and enrichment of our clergy through the sabbatical program, WHC aims to nurture their spiritual vitality, enhance their effectiveness as clergy, and ultimately strengthen the impact of our religious community’s mission and outreach efforts. 

If you have any questions for the clergy while Rabbi Shankman is out, please contact Marsha Humphries at mhumphries@whctemple.org.