My Jewish Journey: Jon Solovey

My family joined WHC almost forty years ago so that my sister and I could attend religious school. We have always felt a strong connection to the congregation and temple community.

I recall attending my first service in Kaufmann Sanctuary as a very young boy. I was captivated by the large, beautiful and historic sanctuary. I vividly remember the first time that I heard Cantor Garber’s powerful, beautiful voice accompanied by the remarkable temple choir. The organ bellowed out beautiful melodies. I was absolutely transfixed by the moment. What a wonderful memory!

My family and I have experienced so many joyous and memorable celebrations over the years — Consecration, Bar Mitzvah, Religious School Confirmation, and my wedding to my beautiful wife, Jennifer. We are so blessed to have two healthy children, Jack and Jenna, who are third-generation members. They attend religious school at Macomb Street and are forming their own “Jewish identities.” We are very blessed and excited that our son, Jack, will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah next year. My sister, Stacey, and my brother, Sam, and his family (wife, Lori, and children, Adam, Noah, and David Evan) will hopefully ensure that there will be a fourth generation of Soloveys to carry on the family tradition.