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Lawyers Without Rights

When Hitler took power in Germany in 1933, he systematically disenfranchised Jewish lawyers, taking away their access to the courts and their right to practice the law.

The exhibit, "Lawyers Without Rights: Jewish Lawyers in Germany Under the Third Reich," on display in Kreeger Lobby from February 13 - March 2, traces how Hitler stripped away individual rights and chronicles the ensuing silence from members of the legal profession. The opening event for this exhibit will look at the fate of the law under the Third Reich and the duty lawyers have to stand against injustice.

Opening Event: Reception & Film Screening

Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today (The Schulberg/Waletzky Restoration)

With Producer Sandra Schulberg

Wednesday, February 22 at Temple
6:30 pm - Viewing of "Lawyers Without Rights" Exhibit
7:00 pm - Opening Program

Celebrate the opening of "Lawyers Without Rights" at a reception and screening of the film Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today. Producer Sandra Schulberg joins us for a Q&A after the film. This event will be followed by a dessert reception.

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About Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today (The Schulberg/Waletzky Restoration)

Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today depicts the most famous courtroom drama in modern times, and the first to make extensive use of film as evidence. It was also the first trial to be extensively documented, aurally and visually.

Writer/director Stuart Schulberg and editor Joseph Zigman reconstruct the prosecution's case and using the 25 hours of film recorded during the trial and rebut the defendants' assertions through the Nazis' films. The Nuremberg trial helped redeem Western civilization from the horror of the Holocaust and served as the first acknowledgment that Jews had been Hitler's primary victims. Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today recreates the incontrovertible proof that clinched the prosecution's case.

About Sandra Schulberg

Sandra Schulberg, daughter of director Stuart Schulberg, a producer in her own right who led the restoration team. She spent seven years in Europe as a senior executive for American Playhouse/Playhouse International Pictures, charged with securing European and Japanese financing for American independent films and TV dramas. For three years after that, she managed film investment for Hollywood Partners, providing financing and serving as executive producer for the Oscar-nominated Quills, starring Geoffrey Rush and Kate Winslet; Undisputed, starring Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames; The Last Yellow starring Samantha Morton; and Adrienne Shelly’s first feature, I’ll Take You There.

A longtime advocate of independent filmmakers, she founded the Independent Feature Project and IFP Market; co-founded First Run Features; served as one of the first nominators to the Sundance Filmmakers Lab, and, for five years, as a member of the Sundance Film Festival Advisory Committee.

In 2003, she began a large-scale effort to preserve and exhibit the films of the Marshall Plan, and, with the support of the Academy Film Archive (AFA), created a 25-film retrospective, Selling Democracy: Films of the Marshall Plan, 1948-1953.

An Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University, she teaches Feature Film Financing and International Co-Production in the graduate film school, as well as film financing tutorials around the country.

“Lawyers Without Rights” comes to Washington Hebrew in conjunction with the American Bar Association, German Embassy, and the German Federal Bar.

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