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Simon School Committee

For over 20 years, Washington Hebrew Congregation’s members have volunteered their time, enthusiasm, and financial support to the Simon Elementary School, a D.C. public school named after our second senior rabbi, Abram Simon.

Volunteers on the Simon School Committee work closely with the school's principal to tailor programs to the needs of the school. This flourishing partnership is eager to welcome new volunteers. Learn more about some of the opportunities to lend a hand below.

Winter Camp for Simon Students

For 50 years, Family Matters of Greater Washington has offered a summer home-away-from-home to vulnerable and at-risk children in D.C. Included in this population are the children who attend Abram Simon Elementary School.

The summer experience for these kids is simply wonderful. Now, Family Matters’ Camp Moss Hollow has launched an initiative to continue their great summer work … during the winter!

WHC supports the Abram Simon School is many ways, and Camp Moss Hollow is part of our support. In 2016, we sent 55 students to summer camp at no cost to their families because of your generosity.

At the winter camp, students will be able to reinforce basic academic skills, learn environmental awareness in a hands-on setting, and strengthen socialization skills. There will be recreational activities, community service projects, and outdoor living skills.  Each “camp” lasts just a weekend, but its benefit can impact a lifetime.

With your help, we hope to send 20 Abram Simon students to winter camp. The cost is $250 per camper – our goal is to raise $5,000.

Support Winter Camp

To make an online contribution for winter camp, click here, then select "Abram Simon Elementary School Camp Fund" from the drop-down list of funds on the web page that opens. For assistance, contact Petra Tchouante, 202-895-6318.

Thank you for your continued support.

Book Buddies

Since 2007, students have worked one-on-one with Book Buddy volunteers to improve reading, phonics, and writing skills, as well as new technology and keyboarding. The Committee provides ample volunteer training, and the only requirements are a good sense of humor and the ability to find one afternoon every week or every other week to commit to the kids at Simon. Volunteers work in teams and are able to carpool to the school.

Send A Kid To Camp

The importance of a camping experience is well-known to many of our congregants. Thanks to generous donations from Temple members, each summer we send Simon students to a one-week overnight camp at Camp Moss Hollow in Virginia. Volunteers organize information sessions, arrange for physicals, assist in filling out forms, and set up transportation for the students.

Simon Fun Fair

Since 2005, we have co-sponsored an end-of-year carnival for Simon students, complete with face painter, DJ, balloon artist, and climbing wall, as well as craft tables staffed by our volunteers.

Giant A+ Program

Your regular grocery purchases can support the students at Simon by connecting your Giant card to the A+ program.

Last year, over 300 WHC members connected their Giant cards to Simon, resulting in $7,600 donated to the school by Giant – that's money the school was able to use to supplement their budget. This year, we hope to do even better!

Participating in the A+ program is an easy way to make a huge difference in the lives of these children and their dedicated teachers. It's 100% free for you to participate and it does not affect any other Giant programs, like discounted gas.

If you have your 12 digit Giant card number, click here to register for the program. You can also split your donations with one other school by providing us with the other school's name.

Don't have a Giant card number? Call the Giant hotline at 1-877-366-2668, option 2.

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