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Israel Engagement

The security, vitality, and improvement of the State of Israel and Jewish communities worldwide are essential to us as Jews and Americans. 

We are committed to helping our members  especially our youth  connect with our Jewish family in Israel through a variety of programs, education, culture, advocacy, and travel. We welcome your participation in the important work of our committee throughout the year.

Israel: Summer 2017


From generation to generation, we pass on the love of Israel to our children. Join our clergy for a multi-generational trip to Israel and experience the wonder of our homeland.

Summer Trip

Summer is a wonderful time to travel to Israel. This two-week trip takes you sailing on the Red Sea, crawling through caves on an archaeological dig, hiking a hidden waterfall, floating in the Dead Sea, dining in a Druze village, and walking the alleyways of Jerusalem's Old City. It is also a most special opportunity to have you child become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah overlooking the ancient walls of Jerusalem.

This trip is planned with our families' busy schedules in mind. Our July 26 departure gives you the first half of the summer for children's camp and other experiences with friends. Returning on August 6 allows plenty of time to get ready for back-to-school. 

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