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Dinner with David

Good Food. Good People. Good Conversation.

Are you a Temple member? Would you like to get to know our WHC President and other Temple members in a casual, meaningful way? We are trying something new this year and invite you to sign up to join WHC President David Astrove and his wife, Debbie, at their home for a Shabbat dinner.

Dinners are held monthly and are limited to just 12 people each. It is a casual way for a few WHC members to get to know one another – and the Astroves – around their table over Shabbat dinner. You know you have membership at Washington Hebrew Congregation in common. Here you can discover what else connects you, share what you find meaningful in Temple life, and discuss what would make your WHC experience more fulfilling.

Think you might be interested? Sign up! Choose a few dates that work for you, or just let us know you’d like to give it a try, and we will do the scheduling. About four weeks before your dinner, we will email an official invitation with all of the details.

For further information, please contact Naomi Abelson Gohn, 202-895-6328.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because this is new, here’s an FAQ…

I indicated three different Shabbat dinner dates on my form, how do I know which one  to attend?

We will send you an email invitation about four weeks before the dinner to confirm you can still attend Shabbat dinner on a date that you requested.

I’ve selected just one Shabbat dinner on my form. Does this mean I’m registered to attend?

Not necessarily. Because more people may sign up for a dinner than can fit around the Astrove’s table, we will let you know about four weeks before if we can accommodate the date you requested.

I’d really like to try this, but my schedule is uncertain.

We understand! You can complete the form without selecting any specific date. If we have a Shabbat dinner where we can accommodate you, we’ll send you an email about four weeks before to see if you are available.

I have kids and getting a babysitter for a Friday evening is tough.

We are looking into having a “Family Shabbat Dinner with the Astroves” where kids are welcome. Because the group will be larger than the Astroves can accommodate at their home, this dinner might be held at JBSC in connection with a Shabbat Under the Stars. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please let us know by completing the form.

How much does this cost?

It’s free!

I’m not very active at Temple. Is this just for people who are really involved?

No! In fact, we are glad you are interested in signing up. These dinners are a great way to get to know others at WHC in a comfortable, fun environment.


  • Please use this form to submit your request to attend one of WHC President David Astrove's Shabbat dinners. If we are able to accommodate your request, we will email an official invitation four weeks prior to the dinner.

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